Fewer example of The Most Incredible Street Arts

Fewer example of The Most Incredible Street Arts

Some of you may be familiar with the most incredible street arts found all over the world. Then, it comes to your mind on how to define street art.

You might think street art is like urban graffiti that you see along the street. However, street art can be in the form of many things. It can be painting, illustration, or photography.

The following are some examples of street art that you can enjoy.

Fewer example of The Most Incredible Street Arts
Fewer example of The Most Incredible Street Arts
  • The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

Located in San Francisco, California, these stunning street art are a project that is created by a neighborhood collaboration. You will see the gorgeous mosaic tiled stairs as one of the city icons.

The idea is taken from the well known Selarón steps located in Rio de Janeiro. The residents took Aileen Barr and Collette Crutcher as the artists for collaborating on the 163 mosaic panels design.

The steps become the most incredible street arts and designed with a sea to sky theme. Moreover, the residents support the handmade tiles for animals, fish, and shells shapes. To make everyone in the community available to participate, they held three mosaic workshops.

Fewer example of The Most Incredible Street Arts
Fewer example of The Most Incredible Street Arts
  • Cryptik

Cryptik is a Los Angeles-based artist that is famous for his calligraphic signature style to street art. He designs artworks exploring the realm of religiosity as well as awareness.

He gets inspired mostly by ancient holy texts, including eastern philosophy. His styles are shown by the elaborate geometric decorations seen in Muslim architecture.

All of his works are displayed as incredible street art. It is shown as a perfect mixture between antique and modern. Through his artworks, he wants to help humanity to have a better understanding of awareness.

  • Kobra

This street art presents you with a large mural portraying a detail of David as one of Michelangelo’s work. You will see it in a colorful portrait. This work is created by Eduardo Kobra that is a street artist from Brazil.

Its design is painted straight to the marble made at a quarry in Carrara, Italy. It is the same place where Michelangelo as well as other artists discovered the marble for their sculptures.

Kobra has known as a graffiti artist since he was a teen. Then, in 2016, he became famous due to his mural for the Rio Olympics recorded as the world’s largest mural.

  • Dulk

Antonio Segura Donat or known as Dulk is a famous street art artist. His works as the most incredible street arts are inspired by the exotic animals’ illustrations taken from his parents’ old encyclopedias.

When he was a kid, he copied all those animal illustrations to his sketchbook and took it everywhere he went. Then, he studied illustration and continued graphic design.

Nowadays, he works as a multidisciplinary artist. He can undertake painting, drawing, sculpture, including advertising. His works in large-scale street art including surreal creatures in imaginary landscapes.

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