4 Tips from Band Communities to be the Best Performer

Band Communities

There are many good bands that were born with various styles offered, but on the other hand there are also many good bands that are not fortunate. “Good” here may be relative, but for today which is rich in references, and facilities that make it easy to access it, making many people’s ears more critical. of course it will be very unfortunate.

Band Communities
Band Communities

Where a good work and should be heard by many people, it becomes a passing thing and mediocre. Then, how to invite luck and success for our band? What else should we review when making a band? Here are the tips for you!

  1. Make a Clear Vision and Mission

Quite a classic advice, but it’s true. Many Bands Disbanded Because of this Unclear Vision and Mission. Given That, Your Band Must Create A Communicative Atmosphere Between Personnel. Know the Character, Willingness, Dreams and Dreams of Personnel. Make Your Band’s Atmosphere Still Fun, Although Sometimes There Are Many Different Views, But That Is What Makes Your Band More Solid And Know Where To Go.

  1. Make a catchy name

This is Important. Don’t Believe Too Much The Jargon “What’s in a Name”. It’s a lie if someone gives a name to their child without thinking first. Surely Parents Want The Best Name For Their Children. Likewise With The Band You Will Name, Think Of The Name Of The Band If It Can Represent The Best And Character For Your Band. If Still Confused, Make a List of Several Band Names, Then Make a Survey. It’s Gonna Be Fun Dude!

Band Communities
Band Communities
  1. Be sure about your music “color”

Determine the Color of Your Band Music. Try Jam At Studio, Take Out Your Music Uneg As Free As You Can. Pour the Unique Uniqueness in Every Personnel. For New Bands, It’s Good for You to Be More Creative and Innovative. Try to look for other alternatives to “General Band Music” which are currently being pushed in a lot of media. But That Does Not Mean You Do It Because Forced, But In Accordance With The Character Of Each Personnel. If you make a pop band, be a pop band with a new color, as well as other genres. Don’t Let Jargon “Enlivening the Blantika of Indonesian Music” Changed to “Uniforming the Blantika of Indonesian Music”. Be Creative!

  1. Make a good performance

Music can make a good song. But it’s also fun to visually appear plain. The Cure’s concert, as an illustration of his opinion about the importance of the visual appearance of a band. Only (can hold watching) ten songs, after that it’s really boring. Just because they like the songs, some viewers can survive until the concert ends.

Well, things that invite boredom like that should be avoided. Therefore, many unique ornaments often appear on the stage. And the stage action is certainly insane. All of that was to make people leave until the concert was over. For those who don’t like the music, they can enjoy the stage and poker uang asli.

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