3 Things that Famous Indie Bands Forget to Do

Famous Indie Bands

Now if you already have a band, it’s time to focus on promoting your indie band to be better known by listeners of the genre of music that you are stretcher. Now there are many ways you can do for promotion because the media is increasingly varied, including utilizing digital media.

Famous Indie Bands
Famous Indie Bands

But there are stages that you should know how to make your Indie Band famous. This is the way for your indie band to skyrocket. Keep doing this and see what happens! Many indie bands forget about this once they got a bit famous

  1. 1. Use Social Networking Connections

It seems like everyone already has a social network account, so we better use those accounts. Look for the names of managers, coordinators, owners, directors or anyone we want to connect to in an event / place. Search on Google or other search engines that they might appear on certain websites or some social networking sites to see if they are friends of our friends. Start connecting, and once we are connected to being friends / followers, be yourself.

Famous Indie Bands
Famous Indie Bands

Chat with them, Introduce yourself and wait for about 2-3 interactions from them to talk first, then we can express our interest to get a contract / booking gig at their place. Approach that indirectly or unintentionally will be more striking. The actual approach will vary depending on the character of the person, the form of the show and the place. Use the social skills that we have. And when the time is right, make sure our Digital Press Kit (Proposal) is ready to be sent

  1. 2. Treat your fans as well as possible

All musicians will only grow through their fans. So while you are still indie, you are satisfied with interacting with your fans. Because fans will be the motor for your music in the future. Join and be active in the community where your potential fans are. For fans to share your feelings in singing and playing music.

  1. 3. Spread Posters and Name Cards

If you want to be famous for your music, then don’t be afraid to start investing in capital. When the new song is finished, you can make a poster or flyer to invite people to visit your band’s site and download the song for free.

The name is still indie, free is okay. Business cards are also important so that the organizers or E.O who are looking for talent to fill events that require your band to perform at their events.

Famous Indie Bands
Famous scottish Indie Bands

Success starts from the bottom, so does the band. And success in the mun band may be the dream of some people who have music skills but don’t have a band at all. Here are some tips for the band to be successful and also long-lasting alias.

See your personnel if it meets your expectations, if not! do not hesitate to get him out because lest the cause of your band’s lack of progress is from one of your band’s personnel, then replace him with a member that is truly in line with your expectations.

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